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John Wright's Website John lives in Coventry, UK, and has the best website for general information on collecting 78's. Everything you want to know about collecting, restoring records, artists, values; you name it, you'll find it!
Tyrone Settlemier's Records & Phonograph Links This is the most complete list of 78 rpm links on the web about 78 rpm records and antique phonographs. Absolutely the most beautiful page about the 78 rpm era has been created by Marco Rosenkranz from Steinau in Germany. Unfortunately for those who don’t speak the language, this really tasteful designed website is in German. But you can find here a treasure of music, radio-programmes, photos and related topics. Good for hours of nostalgic internet pleasure!
the 20-to-40-Style Syndicate Another website from Germany. But this one is also in English available (look for the British flag in the centre of your screen).
Katy, Markus and Frank are three passionate lovers of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. They have combined their historical interest and knowledge in this beautiful website. It is remarkable to see how modern people are inspired by lifestyles from the inter-bellum and the war-years.
Dismuke's Virtual Talking Machine Mr. Dismuke (he won't tell us his first name) is a young guy from Dallas/Fort Worth in Texas. His site inspired me to build my own. It was the first website that I came across that includes 78 rpm music in Streaming Real Audio format (thank you, Mr. Dismuke!). You can enjoy music from the turn of the century (not the last one!) and the 1920s and 1930s. Pay the man a visit and you won't regret it!
The Shellac Shanty He calls himself Brad the Impaler. This funny guy built a nice jukebox full of 78's in Real Audio. Also have a look at his Laughing And Crying Records pages.
Nos "78 Tours" On this website (in French) of Michel Essevaz-Roulet you can listen to an enormous amount of 78's, from jazz to classical and of course lots of French chansons. Via this site a large database is accessible for people searching for recording data. His second site Jazz on-line is in English and offers loads of jazz music in realaudio format. Have a look!
Jack Hylton Official Website Beautiful and very complete website about the most famous British bandleader Hylton. Made by the musician/composer Pete Faint.
Radio Nostalgia!!! This is my personal web radio station. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week a musical journey through the era of the 78 RPM record, hosted by Jan's 78 RPM Record Warehouse. An absolute must!
WMKV-89.3 FM A marvelous internet radiostation, playing hits from the 78 rpm era 24 hours a day. WMKV is a member-supported, educational, public radio station, broadcasting Big Band Era music as well as Health and Wellness programming and talk radio.
78-L 78-L is a discussion group devoted to music and recordings of the pre-LP era. The list is open to collectors and lovers of all kinds of music of this era. They also welcome discussion of recording history, discography, the collectors' market, and vintage phonographs. The group is not slanted toward any particular type of music or collector interest.
The Golden Age of British Dance Bands A discussion forum for all who love the Great British Dance Bands of the 1920's,1930's and 1940's (and relevant bands thereafter) as well as the popular music of that era known as The Golden Age of British Dance Bands
My web space Beside my passion for 'old' music, I also play with lots of pleasure music from a more recent era. On this website (in Dutch) you will find a survey of all the bands I play and played in over the years. There is also a section with personal photo's and video's.
Miss Joeri Miss Joeri from Amsterdam is completely fascinated by the era 1930-1945. She has arranged her life, both professional and personal, as to enable to dwell in the atmosphere of those years. How has she managed that? Visit her site, be amazed, and let her take you back to former times under her motto ‘Going Retro’.

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