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All of the music selections presented here are from my personal collection of 78's. To listen to an individual selection, simply click on the record label.

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click here to listen I'll String Along With You (featured in film "My Dream is Yours") (Dubin - Warren)

Doris Day and Buddy Clark with Orch. Directed by George Siravo - Columbia HCO 3483 D.B. 2584

click here to listen Doris Day in "My dream is yours" (1949) Recorded on Monday 20 December 1948. The very first record bought by my parents in the first half of the fifties for the great amount of ƒ1,60 ($ 1,--). A tender jewel of the ideal "girl next door". Later in 1949 Doris Day sang this song solo in "My dream is yours" (see photo). The song became famous by Dick Powell in "Twenty Million Sweethearts"(1934). Buddy Clark, only known to the public from the end of 1946, was not given the time for a long enjoyment of his success. He died on Oct 1st 1949 in an aircraftcrash at the young age of 37...
Click here for the original sheet music of the song.

click here to listen It's Bad For Me (Cole Porter)

The Benny Goodman Sextet with Rosemary Clooney -Philips AA 21798.2H B 21798 H

click here to listen Rosemary Clooney Recorded in New York City on Monday 14 November 1955. One of my favourites mainly because of the extremely beautiful solo on the trombone and non the less of the extraordinary voice of Rosemary Clooney (photo). Moreover a remarkable record because Benny Goodman is featuring as singer. On this spot I asked if anyone could inform me about the trombonist. I received a kind message from John Rogers from Australia, who sent me the complete line-up: Benny Goodman, clt; Buck Clayton, tpt; Urbie Green, tbn; Dick Hyman, p; Aaron Bell, b; Bobby Donaldson, d.

click here to listen Hannes by den Intocht van Prinses Juliana (Hannes at the solemn entry of Princess Juliana)

Albert Bol, Amsterdam - piano begel. van Chris v. Dinteren - Kapelmeester v/h Circus Alb.Schumann, Berlyn - Jumbo Record Serie Jumbola No. 16145

click here to listen Queen Wilhelmina and little princess Juliana on Dam Square, Amsterdam in 1912 Recorded approx. 1912. A remarkable piece of history. Probably at the event of the first visit of the Princess of the Netherlands still as a toddler appearing at the balcony of the royal palace in Amsterdam in 1912 (photo). Bol was born on april 29th, 1879 in Groningen (town in the north-east of Holland). He was a populair comedian in the first decades of this century and he played in various vaudeville-groups. His most famous character role was Hannes. Around 1912 he commented in the figure of this small-time Dutch farmer from the north, on different historic events . He died in Rotterdam in 1920, only 41 years of age...

click here to listen Air Raid Shelter (Gettin'Around) (Phillips)

Ambrose and his Orchestra - Decca DR.10670 F.8699

Ambrose and his Orchestra click here to listen Just as with the record of 'Hannes' this record is also a testimony of its time. A musical impression of the London anti aircraft batteries at the time of the blitzkrieg, performed by the British Dance Orchestra of Bert Ambrose. He was born in London in 1897 and emigrated as a young boy to the USA where he started his musical career. In the early 20s he returned to London to become the leader of the Embassy Club Orchestra. In 1927 he travelled again to New York and hired 5 American musicians for his new (English) band. After his return to England his BBC radio broadcasts from the Mayfair Hotel in London and his recordings made him a national success. In 1956 he turned his attention to artist management. He died in Leeds, June 18, 1971.

click here to listen

Civilization (Bongo, Bongo, Bongo) (Bob Hilliard - Carl Sigman)

Svend Asmussens Orkester - Odeon Sto 7664 DK 1104

click here to listen Svend Asmussen (from an old 78 RPM record cover) Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden, June 7th, 1948. This close harmony is much more subtle and mysterious than the hit-versions of a/o Sy Oliver and Danny Kaye with the Andrew Sisters of round about 1948. Violinist Svend Asmussens, in the meantime stricken in years (born 28-2-1916), is more then 60 years the leading musician in Denmark. September 2001 I received a nice e-mail from mrs. Lillemor Lewander from Göteborg/Sweden. She wrote:
"I was so happy, when I could listen to the old "Civilisation". I have that record myself, but I haven´t played it since the beginning of the 50's! In 1947 I accompanied my parents to a location in Stockholm called "Circus", where I saw Svend and his band for the very first time. They played just "Bongo, Bongo" (I prefer to call it so) among others. I was 12 years old and after that, they became my first idols. Their popularity in Sweden was enormous for many years. Svend Asmussen made also a big success as a singer in the group "Swe-Danes" together with Alice Babs Sjöblom and Ulrich Neumann".
I found this record during a vacation in Denmark in 1995. The original owner Frederick Lutken bought the record at Radio-Nielsen in Odense ...