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All of the music selections presented here are from my personal collection of 78's. To listen to an individual selection, simply click on the record label.

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click here to listen Christels Lied (Das gibt's nur einmal, das kommt nicht wieder) aus dem Ufa-Tonfilm der Erich-Pommer- Produktion "Der Kongreß tanzt" Musik: W.R.Heymann Text: Rob. Gilbert

Lilian Harvey mit Orchester - Odeon O-11524a [Be 9572]

Fritsch and Harvey in "Der Kongreß tanzt" (1931) click here to listen "Der Kongreß tanzt" of 1931 stood model for numerous Ufa films in the operetta genre in which stars as Zarah Leander, Marika Rökk and Rosita Serano were shining. With enormous budgets Austria, at the time of young Emperor Frans Jozef, was represented in which Willy Fritsch the Tsar and Lilian Harvey performed as simple girl (photo). Harvey born in London in 1906 from a British mother and a German father married just as in the film also in reality with Willy Fritsch. Lilian started as ballet-dancer and moved to the film in 1925. Just before the war she moved to France, worked for the American blood transfusion service. In later years she did not want anything to do with Willy Fritsch whom she regarded as a weakling and whom she in the meantime divorced. She only performed in theatres and started a souvenir shop in Antibes (France). She died relatively young in 1968.

click here to listen Que cést loin demain

Lucienne Delyle - No. de Cire de 56 1 9877 PG 771

Lucienne Delyle click here to listen In august 1994 I bought on the flea market "Waterlooplein" in Amsterdam for Dgr. 20.- a large quantity of demo records and most probably of a French-label offered for review to a Dutch sister company. On some of the labels comments are given in pencil. Among them are some jewels such as this one of Lucienne Delyle. Lucienne was born in Paris in 1917. As an orphan, working in a chemist shop, she is discovered for the radio in 1939. She comes across Aimé Barelli in 1940 who becomes her tutor, composer and husband. They sing a lot together. She celebrates her greatest triumphs between 1953 (Olympia) and 1961(Bobino). Lucienne dies young on leukemia in 1962.

click here to listen Nederlandse gedichten en proza 5 - b) Wiltzangk (Joost van den Vondel) (Dutch poems and prose 5)

Gezegd door Paul Huf - Columbia CFX 277 PHX 3

Huf in 1947 als Malvolio in "Driekoningenavond" van Shakespeare click here to listen Paul Huf (1891-1961) was predestined to succeed his father Eduard in his cigarettes and cigar factory situated in the Zoutsteeg in Amsterdam. As an actor he made his début on January ]4th 1914 in the Roman Catholic debating club of the Gonzaga Union "Development towards Roman Catholic principles " (Gonzaga vereniging "Ontwikkeling naar Roomsche beginselen"). His father however invited on the quiet important critics, being of the opinion that their fierce reviews would change Paul's mind to become an actor. His performance however was an enormous success. Paul Huf, The father of the famous Duth photographer with the same name, was not an easy man and outside the theatre he also behaved as an actor. From 1937 onwards he made recordings in London under his own label Discopéhá of Dutch poetry which was selected with the assistance of Dutch poet Jan Engelsman.

click here to listen Harlem nocturne (Earle Hagen)

Ray Anthony and his Orchestra - Capitol 5770 1664

Ray Anthony click here to listen He was born as Raymond Antonini in Bentlevville U.S.A. on January 22nd 1922 and played with Glenn Miller and Jimmy Dorsey before he got the experience himself to be a bandleader in the army during W.W.2. After the war he had a large number of hits with his orchestra, among which the tunes of the famous fifties T.V.series "Dragnett" and "Peter Gunn". The band played also very sweet kitsch, but the chosen "Harlem Nocturne" is a jewel. With these tune one can imagine to see a Private I., sitting in a small smoky office by night...

click here to listen

Bierlied (Beer-song) (Frits Peypers - Arnold Buitenkant)

Max van Praag en het koor van het Centraal Brouwerij Kantoor met begeleiding van Accordeola o.l.v. Jan Gorissen (Max van Praag and the choir of the Office of the Central Brewery and the accompaniment of Accordeola conducted by Jan Gorissen) - Hi 067 D1014

click here to listen Since the recording-business began, the advertising-world uses gratefully this medium. If all the same I still have to choose an advertisement-record, then this one as an ode to a pleasant thirst quencher, sung by Max van Praag (24/06/1913-10/06/1991). Max van Praag. From 1949 until 1954 van Praag scored one hit after the other together with Accordeola (in it a.o. accordionists Johnny Holshuysen and Jaap Valkhoff and violist Frans Poptie), and this Beer-song was a great hit in 1950. When in 1998 a triple CD was issued this song was crazy enough not included and, who knows, maybe his 'well-known' children Chiel and Marga (TV-hosts in Holland) did have something to say on this and probably thought it would harm his reputation.